The Trisummit Solutions Manifesto


The TriSummit Manifesto

We are a team of non-profit professionals, web developers, private practitioners and entrepreneurs and who became sick and tired of a system that takes advantage of organizations who just wanted a web presence that supports the cause they believe in.  We got sick of it so we founded Trisummit Solutions and this is our manifesto:

We need a new way of doing business

We don’t just blame the web developers, we blame the system that simultaneously forces organizations to overpay for web support while forcing web developers to artificially inflate the price of their support just to stay in business.  We have all been in the frustrating position of working at an organization whose website is outdated, impossible to update and perilously insecure.

Organizational websites should not be proprietary

To fix their problems most organizations will either pay a developer to make expensive changes or shell out precious non-profit funds to have an entirely new website built.  And how often does this replacement website become obsolete in just a few short years?  The problem is that many web development shops use a proprietary CMS or Content Management System to build their website on and often they are the only ones who can make changes or updates.  This is great for giving them steady repeat business but terrible for you as an organization.  That is why we build all of our websites on WordPress (the most common CMS in the world), knowing that even if you decide to work with someone else, you will never be stuck with a website that no one knows how to support.

Website maintenance should just flow

You shouldn’t have to keep a full-time web developer on staff to have full-time access to web development services.  We had the vision of 24-hour web support for organizations like yours and have built that vision into a reality.  You send us an email, we let you know we received it and are on the case, and then we email you back the minute the task is done.  It’s like having a full-time webmaster in your inbox (at a fraction of the cost).

Non-profits are different and deserve a different type of service

Whether you are a non-profit, NGO or private practitioner, we know that you require and deserve a different type of support than a big business, or a small business for that matter.  We understand because we come from the non-profit world and have founded, worked at, sat on the boards of, and supported non-profits our entire careers.  We have also maintained private practices and worked in the government sector.  In all of our collective roles we have felt the pain of maintaining antiquated websites and have been held hostage by our fair share of web developers.

We grew tired of being outraged all the time (it’s exhausting!) so we decided to do something about it.  That’s why we started Trisummit Solutions and are thrilled to be able to offer round the clock security, support and sleep-like-a-baby peace of mind for our customers.  We don’t just want to support your website, we want to support your cause.

Our 2017 goal is to help 1,000 nonprofits
make a bigger impact on the world!

You’ll see the difference it makes when your website team makes it their mission to support you… and your cause.

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